The “SEN” nightclub you never knew...

SEN is a club located in the heart of the capital that will give you an amazing experience during sleepless nights. We guarantee an experience of the highest level - musical, bar and culinary. At SEN, we take care of even the smallest detail - in our club everything creates one coherent whole, which is why this place is so special. Here you will experience a new dimension of boundless fun.

The unique view of the Poniatowski Bridge and the National Stadium bathed in the Vistula River will make you feel as if you are on one of the rooftops in New York, and the sunrises and sunsets admired from our terrace will remain in your memory for a long time.

We invite you to join us every Friday and Saturday from 7pm, that's when the best music carries over the Vistula River. This is thanks to our friendly DJs who create dedicated sets and playlists for us. When darkness falls and the lights go out, we'll take you to a completely different reality - SEN is a higher level ofclubbing you've never known. So don't hesitate any longer and head to Wioślarska Street - this is where the whole city parties.

Relax to the best sounds coming from the console, sip unique cocktails on the terrace with a unique view, enjoy a great party until sunrise - simply!